Board Of Directors

Calvin Miller, President –I served active duty in the Air Force for 22 years, before retiring and moving to Idaho where I now work as a Logistics Manager (Civil Service) for a squadron at Mountain Home AFB.  I am married to my wonderful wife Carolyn, as this year (2020) we will be celebrating 30 wonderful years. I have been associated with JEMfriends for several years through our church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church-Boise.  I began as a volunteer helping to move donated items to the different homes.  My interest then turned to Life Skills mentoring in the area of finance/budgeting.  A turn of events at our church drew more attention than I could give back to JEMfriends, and through Liberty’s understanding, I took a break for a couple of years.  Through God’s Blessings, our church has an awesome pastor and now I have returned to JEMfriends.

Josiah Barrett, Treasurer – Josiah Barrett has been an integral part of JEMfriends since its founding.  He has invested countless hours into the lives of youth, not only through JEMfriends, but also as a coach in various sports.  He is passionate about mentoring and giving youth a foundation for a healthy life.  He is a busy entrepreneur, as the owner of J-BAR Enterprises, and he loves Idaho’s country life.

Jacqueline Apsley, Secretary – Jacqueline Apsley has been mentoring teens and young adults for over thirty years.  Having experienced a difficult childhood herself, she has a unique perspective and the capacity to come alongside teens and young adults in difficult situations.  She is passionate about continuing to use her experiences to contribute to the lives of young people aging out of foster care.

Liberty (Barrett) Thompson, Founder and Executive Director