At JEMfriends, we provide our youth a community of support to help them through the transition program and into independent adulthood. This community is composed of individuals like you who step up to make a difference by investing in their lives; and it consists of friendships formed with JEMfriends staff, volunteers, mentors, and roommates.  We facilitate the formation of these relationships in various ways, such as hosting activities, birthday celebrations, and Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. We also provide the opportunity for our youth to participate in city league sports teams, and we provide a mentoring program that connects each of our youth to a mentor who supports and encourages them throughout their program. By providing a community of support, we encourage our youth to learn and grow and achieve their goals in a positive and healthy environment.

Many JEMfriends volunteers participate specifically to mentor the JEMyouth by spending time with them, encouraging them, giving them advice, and answering their questions as they accomplish their program plans.  Each youth and mentor fulfill this goal by communicating regularly and getting together for activities.  The youth benefit greatly from this one-on-one investment and accountability. Please refer to our Volunteer page to learn more about this valuable opportunity!