Housing is the foundation of the JEMfriends Transition Program.  Without it, we would not be able to effectively meet the rest of the needs of our youth.  Because we provide housing for our youth, we are also able to consistently provide class instruction, transportation, community, and other support.

JEMfriends runs separate girls’ and guys’ houses – three total at present.  Each one is overseen and managed by a resident adviser, who provides friendship, advice, and accountability for each of the youth in their home.  As the youth live in the homes, they are given opportunities to acquire skills such as cooking, cleaning, community living, and conflict resolution.  These skills, along with the skills taught in our life skills classes provide a foundation for viable and mature independent living.

Each house is entirely supported by monthly housing partners. These partners give a chosen amount every month toward the rent and maintenance of a house.  We are always eager for more monthly housing partners to join us because we cannot accept youth into the JEMfriends Transition Program unless we can house them.  As we gain housing support, we are able to expand our transition program to serve more youth.  If you would like to become a monthly housing partner, you can do so here.